• Find Brutus Virtual Tutor Agent

    Virtual Mobile Tour Guide for The Ohio State University. Intelligent computing meets augmented reality. Find Brutus is a Google Glass Explorer. CETI Winner.

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  • Anesthesia
 SOAP Application

    Veterinary SOAP Application is an application to assist veterinary students in training learn how to accurately calculate proper dosages.

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  • TransFigure8

    Transfigure8 is an advanced technological AI mobile application designed specifically for anyone who is interested in learning about transgender and gender non-conforming topics.

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A new way of looking at the world: Solutions for Industry and Education


EduTechnologic provides efficient, low cost IT solutions in the areas of eCommerce, web development, content management, mobile phone devices, cloud computing, and enterprise architecture.

EduTechnologic develops solutions that are accessible to their customers to manage daily activities and reduce internal costs.


EduTechnologic bridges the gap between industry and education. With fifteen plus years experience in small to corporate global enterprise IT solutions, EduTechnologic has proven experience in developing training for:
  • Career and Workforce Development projects
  • Transforming experience with educational theory
  • Cultural perspectives
  • Pedagogical best practices EduTechnologic transforms education and business environments into a singular view using language that either industry can relate to. The premise of EduTechnologic is based on assessing needs and providing training and/or IT solutions that put the power of accessible solutions into the hands of the people using technology.

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